Ubisoft Worker Also Leaks Assassins Creed PS VITA Title

This is not the logo but rather some beautiful concept art

another leak has surfaced, the logo and name of the Assassins Creed Game for the PS VITA, click to find out what the game is called

Virtues? hmmmm.

Following todays malicious leak by a Ubisoft worker or somebody that has access to the employee computers ( we suspect a rouge janitor that plays by his own rules. ) seems to be on a 'leaking streak'

Assassins Creed Virtues, that is the supposed name. 'Virtues' may suggest something to do with Altair or Ezio (most likely Altair because of the leaked character models) going on a very long journey or journeys  across the world, to maybe find something of importance. However all of this is just speculation, nothing is confirmed, it could just be fake intel (but we doubt that) but still it could be fake.

Tell us in the comments below if you think all the Assassins Creed leaks are 100% true or just a big fake.

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