Top 5 Games That Are Destined For The PS VITA

The PS VITA is a handheld that has some fantastic hardware inside of it, however whats the point of great hardware when you don't have the perfect software. We at PS VITA HUB have compiled a list of the "Top 5 Games That Need To Be On The PS VITA"


HADOKEN!....oh wait wrong game..

TEKKEN has a history of appearing on portables so it seems quite likely that this will happen. The reason a TEKKEN game needs to be on the PS VITA is just because currently there is a huge lacking of fighting games on the PS VITA. though Street Fighter X Tekken is coming to the PS VITA, the game is a long way away from completion.

4. Splinter Cell

Fisher...Sam Fisher..

Splinter Cell is one of those games that relies very heavily on the use of dual analogs, and which portable system has dual analogs? nope not the SEGA GameGear, the PS VITA! currently other than Uncharted the PS VITA is lacking platformer's and Splinter Cell would be great on a handheld. And since Splinter Cell relies heavily on lighting the OLED screen would just be fantastic for that.

3. Gran Turismo

bruhmmmmmmmmmmmm bruhmmmm

Sony said that they were looking for PS3 developers to max out the PS VITA, so what is one of the best looking PS3 games to date?, yup its Gran Turismo. Once again with the Dual Analogs driving a Ferrari would be as smooth as ever. Also the rear touchpad can be used for tasks such as gear changing?


Snake? Snake.........SNAAAAKEEE!!!!!!!

We have already seen a tech demo of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots running on the PS VITA at a lower frame rate, so why not a full game? Hideo Kojima the creator of the series has shown quite a lot of interest in PS VITA and a MGS game is quite likely. MGS on the PS VITA could have some interesting features such as swiping the rear touchpad to switch weapons.

1. Grand Theft Auto

We're all looking for that special someone.

And the number one spot has to go to the one and only GTA series. The series has appeared on the PSP and many other handhelds, and its inevitable that the series will pop up on the PS VITA. Visually we personally think that the game would look VERY similar to the PS3 classic GTA IV. GTA VITA could include features such as touching a part on the map which then adds a waypoint.

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