Sony Reveals New PSP Model To Combat 3DS Price Cut.

Sony announced quite a bit at this year Gamescon, and one of the big reveals was a new redesign for the Sony PSP.
The new design seems to have a different material for the cover, the main reason for the redesign is because of cost. the new PSP is available for only $99 but with the new PS VITA coming soon is it really worth buying a PSP? most of us have already played the PSP's golden games.

But the selling point of this new redesign is probably to combat the Nintendo 3DS recent boost in sales due to the price cut, since the PS VITA will not be reaching US stores this Holiday, this brand new redesign may derail the sales of the 3DS. But we at PS Vita Hub think its quite pointless and a waste of manufacturing costs.

Some pictures of the new PSP design can be seen below.

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