Sony Reveals New Platformer That Only Uses The Touchscreen

Sony has made a bold movement by revealing a new exclusive platformer for the PS VITA, that only uses the touchscreen, yes i said it correctly only uses the touchscreen and motion controls. Click to see the trailer.
'Escape Plan' is the name of the brand new and exclusive game that is coming to the PS VITA this holiday. from the gameplay the game seems like a mix of 'Limbo' and 'Portal' the 2 antagonists Lil & Laarg are supposedly always trying to escape from somewhere (you don't say)

The game has a very dark and mysterious feel similar to Limbo and includes puzzle elements from games like Portal and Cut The Rope for iOS.

And perhaps the biggest news regarding 'Escape Plan' is well...the game can only be played by using the touchscreen and motion controls. Yes its true many of us were exited to play FPS and 3D adventure games using the dual analogs, but SONY seems to have moved in another direction, this is by instead of going by the classic dual analog controls. Escape Plan will use the Touchscreen for actions like starting an engine or pushing a button, and use the motion control for tasks such as moving alongside the 2D pane.

And many have been quite puzzled by this including us at PS VITA Hub as why would you create a game like Escape Plan on a system which has the ability to produce games like Uncharted?

Its quite frustrating as many criticise the PS VITA as just a big smartphone, but really when you see the content it can produce (Uncharted) your mind will completely change. However if SONY produces games like Escape Plan it just re-inforces that stereotype again.

So I ask why SONY? why put so much R&D in a game which does not utilise the PS VITA?

Trailer for Escape Plan is available below

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