August 17, 2011

Sony Price PS Vita Development Kits Affordable

Image of an old 'NGP' Dev Kit

Sony have announced that Vita development kits will be available for as low as €1,900 — a staggeringly low price considering as the PSP kits cost €15,000.

“The PS Vita development kit is going to be very affordable,” said SCEE’s George Bain during GDC Europe. “And when I say affordable I mean €1,900 plus VAT. There is no cost to join the PS Vita Develop Program.
“There’s just that cost of the dev kit. If you’re a small developer, we happy to talk to you about this. It will help if you have a games portfolio. There’s no reason we won’t speak with smaller studios about joining up.”
This might not be the most exciting news, but it’s a smart move in terms of Sony encouraging gamers that they can develop the new handheld. However though for the average gamer €1,900 seems outrageous for a developer thats extremely reasonable.
This is all you need to become an Apple and Android Developer

The reason for such a cheap development kit is probably to combat Apples and Android mobile gaming, as a development kit is cheaper than anything (iOS dev kit = £60, Android Dev Kit = Free) But there have also been rumours coming out of Japan that SONY will allow developers to create games and applications for the PS VITA for free or set up a similar 3rd party developer scheme that Apple has but this time the dev kit will allow development for games destined for the PS VITA Store.

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