SEGA Calls PS Vita "Technically Brilliant"

SEGA one of the worlds biggest gaming publishers have said some sweet words about the PS Vita, "Technically Brilliant" to be exact.

The PS Vita has been said by numerous gaming companies to be a fantastic piece of hardware, but one company SEGA to be exact has said some very complimentary words in relation to the PS Vita. CEO of SEGA Mike West had this to say;

“We’ve made it very clear we’re going to support Sony with that title [Virtua Tennis]. … It’s interesting on Vita – technically it’s brilliant, it’s beautiful, and it’s really great to play. And Sony has made it very clear they want to target core gamers primarily. So we take that on board with the titles that we’re going to bring out.”
SEGA's Virtua Tennis 4 PS Vita Edition

 West also continued to say some complimentary words about the system, but this time talking about pricing and publishing;
“You can do the mid-point, more like your XBLA or PSN titles and of course maybe even a small bite size of more app type software. For me, the strength of that device is the whole spectrum of software, that will either sell as physical or as digital. That, I think, is a big point of difference for us as a developer.”
so expect to see some more SEGA games for the PS Vita, though im not a fan of SEGA myself as their current generation of games have been lacking the quality of games like Uncharted, Assassins Creed and many others.

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