PS2 Games Will Be Playable On PS Vita?!

This may come in a bit of a shock but the PS Vita will be able to play Playstation 2 games. As you can see in this picture you can see GOD OF WAR II, which is a PS2 game.

This is clear evidence that you can play PS2 games on the Vita, However it is still currently unknown weather the games will be available via direct download using the Playstation Store. or using some sort of digital distribution.

Hopefully God of War 2 is not the only PS2 title that will be playable on the PS VITA, games like TEKKEN TAG would just be amazing on the PS VITA due to the large OLED screen the games will even look slightly better than the original PS2 versions which ran at a lower resolution.

Also there is also an image of Monster Hunter, we are not exactly sure if its the current game in the NVG card slot, or just another downloadable PS2 game.

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