PS Vita VS iPad 2

Many of the viewers here at are fully aware of the graphical processing power the PS Vita  embraces, the reason being is that us "Hardcore Gamers" are plugged in when it comes to graphical ability.
However many of the "Casual Gamers" (I use that term VERY loosely) think that the iPad 2 is just as powerful as the PS Vita, we at will prove them wrong!

The Hardware

Tons Of Hardware In Both Systems!

That above you is a table which compares each hardware aspect of each of the systems, but if your not familiar with technology lingo, we will break it down for you!

The iPad 2 is famous for not having many inputs, as all it has is a huge multi-touch screen and a home button along with a motion sensor
However the PS Vita on the other hand has a huge amount of inputs, this includes a multi touch screen, rear trackpad, 12 buttons, 2 analogue sticks and six axis motion sensing.

Winner: PS Vita.
Rear Touchpad Seems Awesome!

iPad 2 is priced at £399 which some may consider quite overpriced as you can get a XBOX or PS3 for a lower price, so due to this many say that the iPad 2 is horribly overpriced. Apple has justified it by saying that the build quality is far superior from any other tablet or gaming device. which I must agree with.
The PS Vita is priced at £229 which is substantially lower, it also provides a huge amount of hardware such as the insane graphics and a ton of features i.e the rear trackpad.

Winner: PS Vita.
iPad Overpriced?

Operating System
The iPad 2 uses the classic iOS operating system which is considered the best portable OS, its fast and simplistic.
The PS Vita uses a new "LiveArena" OS which is supposed to be all about social networking.

Winner: iPad 2
iOS 4 seems pretty good!

Here are some comparison screenshots, the iPad 2 is on the left. Vice versa.
Dead Space iPad 2 VS Killzone Vita

Shrek Racing iPad 2 VS Modnation Vita 
Real Tennis iPad 2 VS Virtua Tennis Vita

Modern Combat iPad 2 VS Uncharted Golden Abyss

The iPad 2 has some fancy looking visuals in some games because of the 50+ million pixel fill rate, but if the visuals are highly detailed, it forces low frame rate and overall 'clunky' gameplay.
The PS Vita on the other hand shows some phenomenal portable graphics, super high resolution and highly detailed graphics along with some smooth gameplay. take the Dead Space screenshot for example, though the visuals on Dead Space iPad 2 are quite impressive it does not match up the amazing visuals and gameplay of Uncharted Golden Abyss.

Winner: PS Vita

So over all the winner between the iPad 2 and the PS Vita is of course.....THE PS Vita!! The PS Vita has it all, some phenomenal graphics, tons of features and some super powered hardware, though the iPad 2 may be great for browsing the web. And has some fun time killing mini games it does not even come close to the PS Vita. In terms of gaming as the App Store will never have games like Uncharted.

So don't waste your money on an iPad 2 keep and and buy the PS Vita bundled with Uncharted!

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