PS Vita Release Date DELAYED!

Shocking news for us US and Europe PS Vita fans. For those hoping to see a shiny new gaming powerhouse underneath the tree, well....we have some shocking and terrible news for you.
A couple days ago there were many almost confirmed news reports which pointed to a christmas release date for the PS Vita such as a leaked flyer and a release date for Supremacy MMA which once again pointed towards a christmas release date for the PS Vita.

But sadly reports coming out of Japan and a quote from SCE CEO Kaz Hirai proves this 

the European and American release for the next-gen portable gaming console has been delayed until 2012, although those lucky people in Japan should still get it in time for the “holiday season.”

Though at E3 2011 Sony had said that the PS Vita will see a worldwide release before the end of the year, well....that was wrong. However if your in Japan you will still get the device before Christmas.

So why the delay Sony? theres a stack of reasons on Sony's metaphorical desk which caused this action. And one of them is the 3DS, around christmas time the 3DS will have received a price cut, have a HUGE lineup of great 1st party and 3rd party games including; MGS, Tekken, Mario Land 3D, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus and the list goes on.

So what i personally think is that Sony delayed the PS Vita as a way to dodge the 3DS at christmas time.

What do you guys think the reason for this HUGE delay is for? leave a response in the comment section below!

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