PS VITA Loads Games Almost Instantly!

Some great news has surfaced for use PS VITA fans, and that news is that the PS VITA has such a great processor that loading times don't really exist!
Though loading time for gaming platforms really depends on how the game is written and how much power it takes. Nihilistic, the developer behind Resistance: Burning Skies has said that one of the best features of the SONY PS VITA is that it allows high power games to receive instant loading times through the use of 512mb RAM

The developer has said, "there are no loading screens for Resistance on PS Vita, it's all seamless with no filler."
Another reason that loading may seem inexistent is that the proprietary storage system the 'NVG' card are quite similar to todays SD cards so transferring memory from the 'NVG' cards to the systems memory will be quite 'seamless without filler'

And im sure we all remember the terrible loading times ModNation Racers suffered from (you genuinely had to wait 2 minutes for a track to load) and since the game is coming to the PS VITA, we think that 512MB RAM would have ironed out those problems.

We just love the colourful and child friendly art style!

Nihilistic also revealed that Resistance : Burning Skies will feature a multiplayer mode, however more details will be revealed in the near future.

Gameplay for Resistance : Burning Skies can be viewed below.

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