PS VITA is "Easiest Sony Platform To Develop For"

The PS Vita has now been labelled as the easiest PlayStation platform to develop for. Studio Liverpool director Stuart Tilley praised it by claiming the Vita helped make Wipeout 2048 an easy process.

“The guys have given us a really good set of tools, allowing us to get up and running a lot quicker than we have previously, which is really good. We had a smaller team at the back end of last year that got working straight away on the game stuff rather than too much of the underlying tech, which allows us to really start getting the game in your hands as soon as possible.”
There are no words on any release date for Studio Liverpool’s title but it's nice to know that this could mean lots of new titles for the PS Vita as the platform poses no immediate crushing flaws.
Hopefully the ease of developing will mean that more 3rd party developers will jump on the PS VITA bandwagon, as currently not a lot of 3rd party developers have begun creating titles for the PS VITA which is quite a shame as some franchises will work beautifully on the the PS VITA. Though there are already some great games coming to the PS VITA such as Assassins Creed and Call of Duty we are yet to see some promising gameplay.

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