Details About The New PS Vita 'NVG' Software Storage Format

Though its been known for quite a while what type of memory system the PS Vita will use, majority of PS Vita fans are still quite curious when it comes to the 'NVG' cards.
At E3 2004 Sony announced the PSP along with a new type of storage system known as the 'UMD' an optical disc medium developed by Sony, the UMD was able to hold 1.8 gigabytes of data, the UMD itself is basically a dual layer optical disc housed within a plastic casing (to prevent damage as they are delicate)

Generally the UMD got quite a good response from developers as the 1.8 gigabytes of data was more than enough for PSP software, but developers were not the only ones who used the UMD for distribution, many movie publishers such as Warner Brothers who began distributing some UMD movies for the PSP, such as 'Dumb and Dumber'

The NVG Slot is in the top left, however alongside it is an unknown slot
which nobody knows the reason behind the 'secret slot'
Now the generation of the UMD is over as along with the announcement of 'NGP' (the codename for PS Vita before E3 2011) Sony announced a format now known as the 'NVG Card' which is a proprietary flash card, similar to the 3DS game card.

The 'NVG' card comes in two formats a 2GB format and another 4GB extended version, Sony stated that 5-10% of the data is reserved for save data and patches. the General size is supposed to be very similar to an SD card, the space and internal 'bits' are like a mixture of an SD card and the 3DS game card.
Very similar in size when compared to a SD card.
We at PSVitaHub personally think that the reason 2 versions of the NVG card are available is basically because the smaller 2GB version is for games with low standards or low content, however with the 4GB versions the standards will be a lot higher such as Insane graphics and tons of content i.e. Uncharted Golden Abyss, Little Big Plant.

Leave a comment below on why you think two versions of the card exist!

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