PS Vita European Release Date Confirmed?!?!

Sony Europe have sent out email newsletters writing that the PS Vita in for a ‘February and March’ release next year here in UK and other European Countries.

There’s a different variety of languages in the newsletter, but the UK one mention those two months specifically. The UK one says and we quote ‘early 2012‘. Hopefully the PS Vita is in for a January Realease.

The other European countries that were mentioned on the e-mail newsletter were: Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

The posts on the PlayStation site are a couple of days old now meaning that they may change, and knowing Sony they will probably change the date again.

Remember to check out Sony's GAMESCON Germany presentation where we will see tons more information about the PS VITA and possibly another release date. GAMESCON updates along with a live stream of their presentation will be available right here on PS VITA so stay tuned

Visit the forum to pass time until the live stream is up and running!

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