Price Of PS Vita Games Surface

Many say that 3DS games are far too expensive. Other claim that games should be as cheap as many of the software available on the App store, But Sony and Nippon Ichi think otherwise.
We recently posted an article about the reveal of popular RPG 'Disgaea 3' and now retail giant Amazon have posted a listing for the game. Why is this so special you may ask? well thats because Amazon has listed a pre order for the RPG, which retails at 5,177 Yen, which is around £40 and $70.

Many are quite agitated and annoyed by this mainly because the App store offers games for as little as $1 and 'Disgaea 3' is just a port of a old PS3 game. Though its understandable that the games are not priced at $1, the amount of content in Uncharted Golden Abyss is a lot more than 'Angry Birds.'

But paying $70 for a port of an old PS3 game? that just seems quite outrageous. But keeping in mind that other PS Vita games will not retail at such an outrageous price expect games like uncharted to be the usual price of normal PS3 or PSP games. i.e. £30-£40.

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