OT: Modern Warfare 3 Will Have 3D Support, Create A Server And Playercards

Some new Information Regarding MW3 multiplayer has been leaked. Also all new unrelated to the PS VITA will have "OT" before the title, which means off topic.

From the leaked image you can see an option which says "3D View" just like Black Ops MW3 will also support 3D TVs

Another image from the leak also reveals a "create a server" option. What this means we are not so sure, there is a chance that this confirms dedicated servers for console as the images are for console. Or it could just be another name for "private match" just like the other Call of Duties.

Also from the video "Playercards" return just like Black Ops so penis emblems are back! XD

The video of the leak can be viewed below.

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