The One Game That Could Lead The PS VITA To Victory

The PS VITA has more than enough competition this holiday with the Nintendo 3DS price drop, a decrease in handheld popularity due to the increase in smartphone gaming. And much more. However there is ONE game that could lead the PS VITA to insane sales and victory. Keep reading to find out what that title is.

The PS VITA is launching with some phenomenal games such as Uncharted Golden Abyss, Little Big Planet VITA and much more. Though those games will influence many gamers to pick up a PS VITA, the launch is missing one game, and that game is Call of Duty.

At Playstation Meeting 2011 Treyarch confirmed that they were working on a Call of Duty game exclusively for the PS VITA, many were very excited about this announcement as with the dual analogs the PS VITA is the first handheld that can handle a 'Real' shooter. And just like Ken Levine (the creator of Bioshock, a franchise which is coming to the PS VITA) said; "You could play a shooter on that, a real shooter"

Back to Call of Duty, the franchise has evolved over the years (in terms of sales not gameplay) the franchise is considered one of the biggest entertainment franchises to ever exist. the latest release Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold over 7 Million copies in just a single day.

Our Call of Duty PS VITA Concept, available on our official YouTube Channel.

So is this mega franchise the answer to all of Sony's woes? if Activision and Treyarch play their cards right the game could be an entirely different game from Infinity Wards upcoming Call of Duty MW3. and along with good marketing and an swift release the game could just about sell maybe 5 million PS VITA systems in just a single day.

The game could also be a great way to introduce portable DLC, with Treyarch being confirmed developers, the Zombies game mode will be able to continue its legacy on the PS VITA.

So what do you guys think? should Sony invest more time and marketing into Treyach's new Call of Duty, though no gameplay has been shown it does still seem promising.

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