Nintendo Wii U Is The Biggest Threat To The PS VITA?

At E3 2011 many were impressed by Nintendo's innovation when announcing there next generation home console, and how it could change gaming once again. But when the PS VITA was announced many thought that the Nintendo 3DS will be the reason the PS VITA will not sell as much as it could. However we at PS VITA HUB have a different opinion.

Image of the Nintendo Wii U announcement.
The Nintendo Wii U is a console which seems to have a huge amount of potential in terms of gaming and sales, many developers get very excited just by thinking about it. I am also a huge fan of the Wii U and respect Nintendo's creativity.

List of the Wii U Controller Features

The controller itself has many great features which include full video streaming (you can play an entire game on just the controller screen without any noticeable lag) a touchscreen, dual circle pads, a + controller pad, camera, gyroscope, headphone jack,  a speaker and a microphone.

Perhaps the biggest feature that towers above the rest is the direct streaming feature, and this is where the title of this article originates from.

If your one of those gamers who generally play games at the rarest occasion and are not familiar with the gaming industry once The Big N begins its Wii U marketing program many will see the adverts (commercials) and think that the Wii U is a "handheld and a console in one big package" if your still quite sceptical and confused by my point, do not fear, I shall explain more.

The Sony PS VITA, white edition.
When developers or gamers in general confer about PS VITA they will most likely use the phrase "console in your pocket" or something along that nature. And the use of that phrase is very understandable as the dual analogs, high graphical processing power and the huge OLED screen approve the whole "console in your pocket term"

but despite the PS VITA being a great portable console, many who own a PS3 or XBOX may not see the point in purchasing the PS VITA when "a console has the same features" and this is where the Wii U comes in.

When Nintendo start selling the Wii U, those who will own the Wii U will never even consider buying a PS VITA, mainly because they will not see the point of buying one when the Wii U has the exact same features such as a Gyroscope, touchscreen, high power graphics, dual analogs. And eventually consider the console as a portable and a home console in one big package, though many casual gamers will be unaware of the Wi-Fi radius restriction.

ZELDA Wii U, perhaps the best looking tech demo to ever exist

However many of you may say that the 3DS will be threatened by the Wii U as well, howbeit Nintendo have taken a good move with the whole "3D without glasses USP" and not including 3D in the Wii U is a very good move, as those who will own a Wii U will still see the point in buying a 3DS.

The 3DS provides something unavailable on consoles.

To summarise my point basically, the Wii U will come across as a high power handheld to casual gamers, and the PS VITA will also come across as a high powered handheld. That right there is why the Wii U will become a HUGE threat to the sales of the PS VITA.

Also remember to keep in mind that this article does not mean that I think that the PS VITA is exactly the same as the Wii U, im simply trying explain why the PS VITA may suffer from bad sales because "casual gamers" may not see the point in the PS VITA, though us hardcore gamers (me included) do see the point in the PS VITA, with games like Uncharted Golden Abyss, why wouldn't you be interested in the PS VITA.

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