Top 5 Most Visually Astonishing PS VITA Games

One of the best features if the PS VITA is of course its graphical processing power, which easily outperforms any other mobile device out there. So we at have put together a list of the 'Most Visually Astonishing PS VITA Games.'

5.  Resistance Burning Skies

Nihilistic Software is currently developing Resistance Burning Skies which is a First Person Shooter which is derived from the popular PS3 franchise 'Resistance' the game is based around a fireman who basically needs to save the human race from extinction (or something similar)

The background textures are very detailed.

The game seems to render environments very well.

The enemies look threatening as ever.

4.  Modnation Racers VITA

Modnation Racers VITA (placeholder name official name is yet to be confirmed) is currently being developed and published by SCE San Diego Studio. The same developers that created the original Modnation Racers for the PS3. The game takes use of the PS VITA's features such as track creation with the touchscreen. Visually the games best feature is its vibrant colours and smooth textures.

Very vibrant visuals

The detail once again is fantastic

Looks very similar to the PS3

The backgrounds have plenty of structures

3. Street Fighter X Tekken PS VITA

Capcom's latest fighting crossover 'Street Fighter X Tekken' will be getting the portable treatment by making an appearance for the PS VITA, the game uses the same mechanics and features as its console brother. The game is also said to be "indistinguishable from the console version" so expect the same visuals but at a slower frame rate maybe 30FPS

Cole will be featured in the PS VITA and PS3 Version

Visuals are 'Electrifying'  :D
The yellows are so 'Yellow' :D

Very smooth rendering barely any jaggy edges
2. Virtua Tennis PS VITA

SEGA's portable rendition of the famous 'Virtua Tennis' series will also be getting the portable treatment with the famous 'Virtua Tennis 4' arriving on the PS VITA with a bunch of new features such as a new serving mechanic. The character models are some of the best we have seen on the PS VITA.

Very detailed character models

Maybe Murray can win a Grand Slam in the game :D

Some Vibrant colours!

So damn orange!

1. Uncharted : Golden Abyss

Yes, im 100% aware that most of you were expecting this to be here, but we cannot give another PS VITA game the number one title spot, the game is being developed by BEND Studios. Though the game is not being developed by Naughty Dog (the creators of the phenomenal Uncharted 1, 2 and 3) Sony have assured us the BEND Studios are the team for the job. And the visuals are just...phenomenal. High detailed textures, smooth character animation and some great environments this is easily THE best looking game on the PS VITA, and any mobile platform for that matter.

Yes Drake, the graphics are that good

Easily THE best screenshot, the visuals are just...STUNNING!


So Greeny!

Wow, that Abyss is just so golden, ohhhhh now I get the title!

So that concludes our preview of some of the most Visually Astonishing games currently in development for the PS VITA, be sure to check out our website often for daily news updates, remember we are the FIRST to upload PS VITA news and reviews, check out our YouTube channel, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

Disagree with our list? then comment below and tell us what you consider the most 'Visually Astonishing PS VITA Games.'

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