Konami Announces PS VITA Augmented Reality Game

Just an ordinary Tank battle..........IN YOUR KITCHEN!
Every wanted to drive your own tank? ever wanted to do drive it in your own living room? Yes? then Konami has the game for you.

Augmented Reality was pitched quite a bit in Sony's E3 presentation especially when games like "Reality Fighters" rely on such a feature, but this time Konami, the infamous publishers of Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer have jumped onto the Augmented Reality bandwagon.


AR Combat Digi Q is the name of the Tank orientated mini AR game. according to Joystiq; 
The Vita's analog sticks act as the remote control and the miniature vehicles are replaced by polygonal representations on-screen, placed atop whatever background is in view of the camera.
However though the game seems like great fun, its still not confirmed weather AR Combat Digi Q is a Playstation Store release or an entire NVG game for the PS VITA, we hope its a Playstation Store release as it does not look like something worth $40.

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