Ken Levine Creator Of Bioshock Is Enthusiastic About PS Vita

Bioshock creator and head of Irrational Games Ken Levine has recently shown his interest in the PS Vita during an interview with the Playstation team.

In the interview Ken Levine has this to say regarding the PS Vita and handheld first person shooters.

"If you could have all the benefits of something like an iPad, like it has the touchscreen, but it has the dual analog sticks. You could play a shooter on a handheld seriously a REAL shooter. Thats a hole in my soul right now, I have no portable device to 'really' play a shooter one. It doesn't really work great on the DS, the iPad and iPhone. Now I could have something to play shooters on. And thats really important to me. For me as a hardcore game the fact that i could get a shooter on a handheld, thats just awesome!"

One, Two Yep thats definitely two analog sticks.

From the interview you can really see the passion Ken Levine has for the PS Vita, At the moment you cannot get a full FPS experience on a handheld which "Puts a hole in his heart" but thats whats great about the PS Vita, With Call of Duty confirmed and Bioshock coming soon, PS Vita Hub would not be surprised if we see some big shooters on the Vita.

As a hardcore gamer myself, I can really see the potential that the PS Vita has when it comes to first person shooters, However we are still yet to see some gameplay of a first person shooter on the PS Vita, And No 3 seconds of Killzone gameplay does not count Sony!

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