Creator Of TEKKEN Hints At TEKKEN For The PS VITA

Creator and lead game director of the TEKKEN series Katsuhiro Harada has hinted that the TEKKEN series may come to the PS VITA

On his twitter account @Harada_TEKKEN the creator of the TEKKEN series has tweeted some information regarding a TEKKEN game for the PS VITA.

When a fan asked "will you make tekken for the Playstation Vita" Harada replied with "Okie" though this is not exactly a firm confirmation, its still proof that the TEKKEN team are considering a TEKKEN game for the PS VITA, and if you have been following Harada on twitter for long you will realise his childish answers to questions always have a bit of truth in them. and seeing Namco's history with portable TEKKEN's it seems quite likely to happen. seeing as they released two TEKKEN games for the PSP.

And to elaborate even further Harada has also replied to a fan who asked weather they will consider porting Namco's version of TEKKEN X Street Fighter, the crossover which is set in the TEKKEN universe. onto the PS VITA, and the strong "I will" means that they are greatly considering porting their version of the crossover onto the PS VITA just like Capcom's Street Fighter X TEKKEN.

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