Call of Duty Allied Mobile Force Leaked Again

Recently there was some speculation about the Call of Duty title for the PS VITA, however now we supposedly have a name and placeholder cover art.

Call of Duty Allied Mobile Force is supposedly the new title for the upcoming Call of Duty PS VITA Title.

The box art obviously isn't final as it uses the same theme the PS VITA Amazon pre-orders use (see below)

Uncharted: Golden Abyss LittleBigPlanet ModNation Racers Street Fighter X Tekken

This leak does seem quite legit as the name sound very Call of Duty'ish

and from the box art the game does not seem like a straight port of Call of Duty MW3 for consoles, however it is instead an exclusive Call of Duty title for the PS VITA.

And remember that this is just speculation and rumour the real title and box art could change or this whole box art could be fake.

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