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The latest pre-order updates from Best Buy and Amazon suggest the PS Vita will not launch in the US and UK until the 30th of March 2012. That’s nearly three months after the December launch in Japan.
The holiday season is prime time for gadget launches. 

In Sony's home turf that date is still on track. Outside of Japan, a grey market of exports will undoubtedly exist before the year’s end. Though Sony has not confirmed March 2012 as the official release, pre-order information from Amazon and Best Buy is generally regarded as accurate information.

Quite frankly, with Sony merely confirming the PS Vita being delayed until 2012, retailers remain our best source of information. Will the Sony PlayStation Vita still have a market if it is in fact delayed until the 30th of March 2012? Sound off

The Pre-Orders also reveal a shady december 31st release date for the system!

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PlayStation Vita - 3G/WiFi
PlayStation Vita - 3G/WiFi

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