Supremacy MMA confirmed for the PlayStation Vita

MMA is arguably one of the most exciting and anticipating sports of the 21st century. Fans from around the world come to watch this aggressive sport and describe it as their passion. Now you can full fill your dreams of being a MMA fighter - in the virtual world. Yes ladies and gentlemen, 505 games have confirmed that their new highly anticipated game, Supremacy MMA, will be available to Sony's PS Vita.

The PS Vita is said to have "exclusive content" meaning it will be every bit the equal of its heavyweight home console cousins.

In an interview, Ian Howe - the president of 505 games said : "Supremacy MMA takes MMA where it's never gone before, with unprecedented brutality and arcade speed, and now it's headed for another new frontier as the sole MMA game to go to handheld in 2011. The arcade-styled gameplay is perfectly suited for quick handheld sessions, and the game looks amazing on Sonys hot new tech."

Supremacy MMA is said to be released during Autumn which raises the desires of those who want a PS Vita for Christmas.

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